Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ice Cream Math Cut and Paste Activity

Cut and paste worksheets help kindergarten and preschoolers develop their fine motor skills.
This activity will help kids learn numbers by cutting and pasting them in the correct place.

The kids will enjoy creating their own ice cream.

Print out the worksheets and let your students color, cut and paste the scoops in the right place.

These number ice cream worksheets help students connect numbers 1-10 with ten frames, tally marks, words, objects (pencils), fingers and dice.

Ice Cream Math Cut and Paste Activity

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Number Recognition Activities

Making kids love math is a challenge to most teachers and parents. I am trying all the time to make math fun for my children and finally I found something my kiddos LOVE.

I saw the idea of ice cream math all over Pinterest but I never did figure out who came up with the original idea.

I modified it to meet the needs of my kiddos and my students.
    • I made Number Posters 1-10 - This number posters set helps students connect numbers 1-10 with ten frames, tally marks, words, objects (pencils), fingers and dice.

      number recognition poster

      Number Recognition Matching Card Game

      Ice Cream Math Cut and Paste Activity

      Ice Cream Math Number recognition

      Number recognition ice cream game is a great practice for all beginner math learners. It is a fun hands on activity that keeps kids engaged.  My children like to eat and talk about ice creams, so they LOVED this matching game.
       Simply, print  the cones and scoops on colored sheets of paper.

      Ice cream math center printables

      It takes time to cut the cones and scoops apart, but it is certainly worthwhile. Learning to count is fun for your kiddos, with this counting game. It is a really easy way for kids to improve their counting skills.

      Ice cream math center printables

      Children build ice cream cones for each number by adding the matching scoops.

      Number recognition hands on activity

      Math center ice cream game

      I made seven different types of  scoops, with seven different ways to show a number:

      1. Ten frame
      ten frame

       2. Dice


       3. Objects (pencils)
      counting 1-10

      4. Tally marks
      tally marks
       5. Numerically

      numbers 1-10 practice

      6. Number words
      number words

      7. Fingers
      fingers counting 1-10

      You can also use this printable to create a group of colorful ice cream cones that visually represents each number. 
      If you haven't got time to cut out another 55 empty scoops, turn the cards you have upside-down, and voila, the cards are ready to play.   

      kindergarten math

      Friday, June 17, 2016

      Word Families

      Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern or groups of letters with the same sound. The 37 most common word families in English according to Wylie and Durell are:
      -ack, -ain, -ake, -ale, -all, -ame, -an, -ank, -ap, -ash, -at, -ate, -aw, -ay,

      -eat, - ell, -est,

      -ice, -ick, -ide, -ight, -ill, -in, -ine, -ing, -ink, -ip, -it,

      -ock, -oke, - op, -ore, -ot, 

      -uck, -ug, -ump, -unk.   

      About 500 easy to read, high frequency words comes from only 37 rimes.
      There are a few more word families besides these recorded by Wylie and Durell :

      -ab, -ad, -ag, -age, -ail, , -am, -ar,

      -ed, -eel, -eep, -eet, -eg, -em, -en, -ent, -et,

      -ib, -id, -ife, -ig, -ile,

      -oat, -ob, -od, -og, -oil, -oo, -ood, -oof, ook, -oom, -ool, -oon, -oop, -oot, -orn, -ought, -ould, -ouse, 
      -out, -ow, -own, 

      -ub, -ud, -um, -un, -up, -us, -ut

      Tuesday, June 14, 2016

      Make Your Clip Cards - Step by Step

      You can make clip cards ahead of time so they are ready to go…

      Click file, print, cut out...

      Fold in half...

      Place your document inside the laminating pouch.

      If the document is  smaller than the pouch and I haven't got any idea, or time to make something needed in my classroom I usually  laminate some sheets of colored paper. I use these laminated papers in many different ways, as bookmarks for example.

      But you can also write on them with a permanent marker and use them as labels for storage containers, folders etc.

      My favorite is DIY Write and Wipe Worksheets - You can write on them with dry erase markers and clean them with a paper towel when you are done. The only thing is that it's easy to smear the marker if you touch it, as it never seems to dry on the lamination.

      And voila! You have a great game.

      Numbers 1 to 10 Clip Cards for Busy Bag and Fast Finishers Corner

      Numbers 1 to 10 Clip Cards for Busy Bag and Fast Finishers Math Center

      Clip Cards - Precious Teaching Resourse

       I am working as a primary English teacher. In the position that I was in this school year, without books, without resources for work, I was searching for some low cost ideas, that will work in my classroom.

      I made a tons of worksheets for my students. We made Fast Finishers Corner with these worksheets. It worked well, children loved it. I had worksheet after worksheet to check and I was so happy that my children are working with so much effort.

       I've been using a couple of old boxes for worksheet storage. They fit perfectly on our shelves and were the perfect size for holding our papers. However, they were far from pretty.

      It looks like this, not so pretty now.

      Meanwhile I didn't stop searching for better ideas...and I was thrilled beyond words when I found clip cards and task cards.
      Clip cards save paper. Instead of copying piles of worksheets, you need only copy , cut, and laminate the clip cards once and you can use them for years.

      I made my cards self-checking, which makes them PERFECT for independent work!

       I can't emphasize how much the kids love using clip cards and how engaged they are in their learning when they are using them.

       You can find some of the clip cards on my board at my Tpt store and I'm creating new ones.
      The best way to make sure you don't miss any of them is to follow me.

      If you have ANY comments or suggestion about how you use or store your clip cards, flashcards, task cards, worksheets in your room, I would love to hear about it!  Just post a comment or send me an email.

      Sunday, June 12, 2016

      Clip Cards - Colors

       The addition clip cards were a huge success, especially with
      my kiddos, at home. That was the first time they had to use clothespins in a game.

      Then I saw the idea of  self checking clip cards. It is far better...

      self checking color clip cards
       This makes it easy for kids to work independently. Independent activities are boosting the children self-esteem and self-confidence.
       Building self-confidence is important for a child to grow up feeling happy and secure.

      To make the cards you simply cut around the edge, fold in half and glue it together.
      I like to laminate them, but it can be printed on a photo paper too.


      It is an easy to follow activity. All you need is a few clothespins. Pick the answers. Flip the card over to check is it correct.

      Learning about colors is an important part of a child's development. Color clip cards reinforces color recognition  as well as fine motor skills. Perfect for kids to practice the colors in one fun activity!
      Learn more about the importance of Teaching Colors to Children

      Check out my Colors Clip Cards

      Wednesday, June 8, 2016

      Clip Cards - Addition

      I realized that it is very useful to have an independent learning center in the classroom, with lots of task cards, clip cards! It is handy in encouraging students to learn independently. I am working on my own center. After I made my first clip card set I decided to fill my center with clip cards, because my students LOVE them.


      Have you ever used clip cards before? It is an awesome tool to keep children quietly occupied. An easy to follow activity, that you make ahead of time so they are ready to go…

      Add clothespins, paperclips or buttons depending on your preference or your students fine motor abilities. 

       No matter what material is used to mark the correct answer when matching, fine motor skills are being strengthened.

       When little learners pick up small objects or open and close the clothespins, their fingers are working hard and developing the muscles needed for writing!

      The first clip cards I made were addition clip cards for kindergarten and 1st graders:

      Addition Clip Cards up to 10 Math Center Differentiated

      With this set of addition clip cards my students are practicing and mastering addition fact fluency in a funny way. There is one card for each addition fact with sums to 10.
      This is an easy to follow activity.

       The sum is written on the peacock. The kiddos need to find the equation that fits the feathers' coloring and clip it with a clothespin.

      There are three levels of cards.
       In the first level the feathers are in order.

      Addition Clip Cards - The sum is written on the peacock. The kiddos need to find the equation that fits the feathers' coloring and clip it with a clothespin.

       In the second level the feathers aren't in order. 

      In the third level the feathers aren't in order and there are different sums.

       There is a total of 114 cards.
      64 level 1 cards
      25 level 2 cards
      25 level 3 cards
      I can easily differentiate for my students by selecting the cards I would like my students to practice.