FREE Woodland Animal Patterning Activity

Hi there! Just wanted to share a few ideas for teaching patterns and my latest freebie I made for my kiddos this week!


Understanding patterns is an important mathematical concept. Provide your students with plenty of patterning practice and you will establish a strong foundation for learning more advanced math concepts later.

Here is my collection of ideas for teaching patterns:

1. Manipulatives (Unifix cubes, counting bears)

2. Toys (cars or other small toys)

3. Dot Markers

4. Stamps
5. Coins
6. Stickers
7. Lego Duplo

8. Beads (let them make bracelets)

9. Pom poms

10. Seeds
11. Fruit

12. Bottle caps

13. Make a sound pattern (clap, snap your fingers, clap, snap your fingers)
14. Create a movement pattern (jump, jump, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, jump, jump, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)
15. Solve a problem e.g. I have five gummy bears. The first gummy bear is yellow, the second gummy bear is orange, the third gummy bear is green. If this pattern continues, what color is the fifth gummy bear?
16.  You can search for patterns in your environment. Patterns are all around us, on your clothes, in the street, nature provides patterns as well.
17. My woodland animals pattern activity boards will also help you teach your early learners about patterns.

I am so excited to introduce my Animal Patterning Activity freebie that I thought you all might enjoy as well.


These patterning strips can be used for independent work, as review work, or even as a center activity! Great addition to your busy bags.

This freebie includes the following:
3 AABB pattern strips
3 ABAB pattern strips
3 AAB pattern strips
3 ABB pattern strips
3 ABC pattern strips
3 blank patter stripes
20 tinny pattern cards

You can use my Patterning Strips both, for creating and extending patterns.You can use the tiny pattern cards to complete the pattern strips but it can be used to create your own patterns (using these cards you can make longer patterns)

Be sure to give your child the opportunity to “read” his pattern when it is complete.


This packet  can be a great addition to your animal unit, too. It includes the following Forest Woodland Animals: wolf, fox, bear, hedgehog, bunny, raccoon, deer, squirrel, owl.

If you are interested in adding this freebie to your classroom just click HERE or on the image below.

Need more Patterning Strips? You can take a look at them in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

My Woodland Animal Patterning Bundle includes 360 different Woodland Animals pattern strips.

Purchasing the bundle is a 30% savings over buying the units individually.

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  1. Km Classroom: Woodland Animal Patterning Activity >>>>> Download Now

    >>>>> Download Full

    Km Classroom: Woodland Animal Patterning Activity >>>>> Download LINK

    >>>>> Download Now

    Km Classroom: Woodland Animal Patterning Activity >>>>> Download Full

    >>>>> Download LINK