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I’ve started creating lots of free  printable worksheets to share with you — now you will be able to find them all in one place! Pin this page or follow my blog and check back often to find out what I’ve added.

Free Borders

Free Body Parts Posters

Body Parts Flash Cards, Word Cards

Free Halloween Color by Number

How to Make Bottle Cap Alphabet

Free Halloween Coloring Pages

How to Practice ESL Basic Questions

Letter Learning Activity  

ESL Fruit Vocabulary Practice 

Fruit Word Cards Freebie contains the following words: apple, banana, pear, kiwi, orange, grapes, raspberry, watermelon, plum, pineapple, lemon, avocado, strawberry, peach, melon, cherry.
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This Freebie is a preview to my product "Body Parts Flash Cards - Word Cards"

Free ESL Body Parts Flash Cards Word Cards
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Free weekly planner to keep you organized both at school and in your everyday life.

Everything you see in the picture is what you will be downloading.

Hope you find it useful in your life!

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I made this All About Me worksheet for the beginning of the school year. I used it as a first day activity. My plan is to do it again at the end of the year. This will be a sort of a time capsule. I envision my kids faces when they compare the worksheets on the last day of school. They will see how much they have changed over the year with these memory pages.

Free All About Me Worksheet Printable
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 If you want to get to know more about your students, download this poster for free. You don't need to cut, paste, laminate, simply print and play!
The rule of this game is very simple. Children will roll the dice and then share something about themselves, depending on what they rolled.

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Free Girl Clip Art in 2 version, normal + with bigger head in light, dark colors + line drawing. All images are in PNG format, transparent, high resolution 300dpi (will look crisp enlarged). They can be easily used in your projects and lesson materials.

Free Girl Clip Art
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I Spy School Supplies Free Worksheets

This free printable is not only a fun afternoon activity, it will also get kids excited about the upcoming school year.
I Spy can be played at a level suited to the child. It can be played anywhere, at home, school, waiting rooms, markets or while out driving in the car.

You can play the Tornado game in order to practice vocabulary, reading, spelling, asking and answering questions and so on. You can add the Tornado cards either to word card, flash card or task card sets.
Divide the class into teams. Stick the flash cards or word cards face down on the board.
Also include a few Tornado cards. Children then choose a card. If they answer the question correctly
(they read the word card or name the picture) then their team can draw a line to draw a house.
If they choose a Tornado card then they blow down their opposing teams part drawing of a house.
The team who finishes the house first wins.
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It's super easy to make activity. All you need are some empty Pringles cans, plastic cups, word cards and/or letter cards. This game can be made for different subjects and topics.

The children pull out a cup from the Pringles cans, read the word and/or translate it and stack the cups as they read or answer the question on the cup correctly.

They have to start over if they don’t know the answer. They also have to start over if they knock the tower over. This is a great challenge! and the kids REALLY enjoy it. They can build their towers in many different ways.
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This freebie is a worksheet I use to practice basic vocabulary.
This is a free sampler pack with pages from:

Body parts kit - Read, trace and write

Here is what is included in this FREEBIE:
• Write the parts of the body -
• Multiple Choice - offers several alternative answers from which the correct one is to be chosen
• Missing Letters - Write the missing letters!

Check out the full version of my Body parts kit

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This freebie includes:
  •  a worksheet to practice recognizing, reading and writing the word PEACH
  • big and small flashcards (peach)
  • big and small word cards (peach)
  • matching card
Check out the full version of my
Fruit worksheets
Fruit flashcards, word cards
Fruit flashcards, word cards 2

 Shapes Math Freebie focuses on four basic geometric shapes, triangle, rectangle, square and circle.

Since shapes are all around us every day, we need to be able to identify them. This document provides some ideas and activities on teaching shapes to preschool and kindergarten kids as well as first graders.

Check out my full shape math product and stand alone Shape Bingo game.

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