Clip Cards - Colors

 The addition clip cards were a huge success, especially with
my kiddos, at home. That was the first time they had to use clothespins in a game.

Then I saw the idea of  self checking clip cards. It is far better...

self checking color clip cards
 This makes it easy for kids to work independently. Independent activities are boosting the children self-esteem and self-confidence.
 Building self-confidence is important for a child to grow up feeling happy and secure.

To make the cards you simply cut around the edge, fold in half and glue it together.
I like to laminate them, but it can be printed on a photo paper too.


It is an easy to follow activity. All you need is a few clothespins. Pick the answers. Flip the card over to check is it correct.

Learning about colors is an important part of a child's development. Color clip cards reinforces color recognition  as well as fine motor skills. Perfect for kids to practice the colors in one fun activity!
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