Activities for b and d Reversals

Hi there! Just wanted to share a bit about one of my favorite products in my store Activities for b and d Reversals. When you think about it, b and d are the same letters, they’re just turned in different directions. Letter reversals, such as confusing b, d are common among young learners. The vast majority of children will grow out of this stage on their own. There may be a need for some concern if a child continues with letter reversals into and beyond the 3rd grade.   Day after day I've noticed that my little girl struggles with this concept. Since repeated errors only reinforce reversals, I decided to create  a set of worksheets and activities  to help her with B-D reversals. She had fun practicing with this set. She loves it and that makes me happy! Included in this packet are 7 different activities to help correct letter reversals: - WORD SORT with 30 word cards and 4 answer sheets. (pages 4-8) Print the word cards and the answer sheets, laminate then cut out the
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