Activities for b and d Reversals

Hi there! Just wanted to share a bit about one of my favorite products in my store Activities for b and d Reversals. you think about it, b and d are the same letters, they’re just turned in different directions. Letter reversals, such as confusing b, d are common among young learners. The vast majority of children will grow out of this stage on their own. There may be a need for some concern if a child continues with letter reversals into and beyond the 3rd grade. 
Day after day I've noticed that my little girl struggles with this concept. Since repeated errors only reinforce reversals, I decided to create  a set of worksheets and activities  to help her with B-D reversals. She had fun practicing with this set. She loves it and that makes me happy!

Included in this packet are 7 different activities to help correct letter reversals:

- WORD SORT with 30 word cards and 4 answer sheets. (pages 4-8) Print the word cards and the answer sheets, laminate then cut out the word cards. Or you can just print it out on regular paper and
use it as a cut-and-paste activity instead.
Give your students the word cards and the answer sheets to sort the words (you can differentiate using uppercase or lowercase answer sheets)

- READ & DAB or color the circles with the missing letter. (page 9)

- FIND YOUR WAY through the maze by dotting the letter Dd. (page 10) answer key included (page 19)

- FIND YOUR WAY through the maze by dotting the letter Bb. (page 11) answer key included (page 20)

- SPIN & WRITE - Spin the spinner. Write a letter that matches your spin. (page 12)

- CUT AND PASTE the words in the right box. (page 13)

- TRUE or FALSE - Color the circles according to the color code. (page 14)

_ PLAY DOUGH MATS - Laminate the pages or put them in protective sleeves. Children make snakes with their play dough then form the letters. They can write the letters using dry erase markers. (pages 15-18)

- ANSWER KEY - (pages 19-20)

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