Christmas Addition Math Facts with Three Addends Task Cards

Christmas is right about the corner and I am ready to celebrate with some fun, hands-on and engaging resources.
I made this set of math task cards for my six year old little girl to practice addition math facts with three addends, but it is also a perfect activity for classroom use for some fun learning too!

Christmas Addition Task Card set is  perfect for math centers, as early finishers activity, for free time and of course for playing Scoot during the holiday season.

How to play Scoot - put a task card on each student’s desk. The students move around the room to solve each problem. Students start, finish and move on teacher's instruction.

  If you want to get your students  moving, still working on their own, you can simply display the cards around the room, for students to find and solve. The children are actively learning as they stand and scoot around the room, and they don't even know, that they are doing work. Kids play their way to mastering math facts.

 Here is one of my task cards. Look at each Christmas Tree, count the ornaments and find the matching equation:


...same in black and white version.


I included three different recording sheets. So, we can use the task cards in three different ways. I like to use them for extra practice.

In the first answer sheet kids write the correct answer a, b, c or d.


 The second one is designed not just to find the equation that match the Christmas Tree, on each task cards, but also to copy it and then solve the particular addition problem.




 The third recording sheet offers extra practice. Students copy all the equations from the task cards, and solve every single addition problem.



Students can check their answers on the answer key.

 Click HERE or on the picture below, if you need this Christmas Addition Task Card Set!


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