2D Shapes Task Cards

Looking for extra practice with shapes? These task cards will give your kiddos additional practice keeping them busy and occupied. I highly recommend this sort of activity for those who want to engage their students with some easy to prep learning activities.

2 D Shapes Task Cards

Task cards are super effective, simple and fun resources for any centers, stations, partner work, individual work, classroom games. Scoot is a must play game with task cards.

Scoot Classroom Game

Math Center Task Cards

Scoot is a game where you simply place a task card on each desk in your classroom. Students move around the classroom answering questions, solving math problems.

Children will answer the questions on their answer sheets.

First Grade Math Center

Say “SCOOT!” when you want them to move to the next number. You can go as fast as you like.

Then you can check the answers with the class.

Kindergarten Math Center

You can differentiate easily by customizing with target pages.

You can print the task cards in color or black & white on a cardstock or laminate them and
use them for ages. I love to put them on a ring, but you can keep them in a baggie, too.

Elementary School Math Station

The best part about this 2D Shapes Task Card Set is no prep, just print and play.
 If you are interested in adding this Shape Task Card Set to your classroom, just click HERE or on the image bellow, or just pin it for later.

2D Shapes Activity

If you need more task cards check out my TpT store here.

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