How and When to Teach a Child Math Facts

 When to Teach a Child Math Facts

Most two-year-olds can recite the numbers one through ten, but just few of them understand that the name of a number can refer to the number of items in a set: five cars, three teddy bears, two flowers.

Math can only be mastered by acquiring basic understanding, not by memorizing the math facts. In other words, if your child can count and understand:


Number recognition

Number meaning 


...then he is ready to learn math facts.

There are the addition math facts 3+4=7, subtraction math facts 5-1=4, multiplication math facts 5x4=20 and division math fact 40/8=5.

How to Teach a Child Math Facts

 Here are some strategies that can help your child master basic facts:

1. Skip Counting - counting by 2s (2,4,6,8,10), 3s (3,6,9...)

2. Make 10

3. Doubles 4+4=8

4. Near doubles  4+5=9

5.Commutative Property 2+6=8  6+2=8

6. Fact Families - addition/subtraction fact families and multiplication/division fact families. (e.g. addition and subtraction fact family for numbers 2,3,5 are 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, 5-3=2)

Most importantly, give your child a fun way to practice their math facts, and you will be making an active improvement in their mental and physical health as a result.

I created this ladybug clip cards with addition facts to 10 to help my child develop her fact fluency.

How to teach a child math facts
I also made my cards self-checking, which makes them PERFECT for independent work! It is known that independence is fundamental for success, boosts confidence and promotes happiness.

Ladybug Math Addition Math Fact Fluency

There is one card for each addition fact with sums to 10. 65 clip card altogether. These cards can be differentiated very simply.
- If you want to practice double fact fluency, you can select the cards with double facts. You can also pick out the Make 10 cards, the Commutative Property cards, the Near Double cards.

Math Fact Fluency Addition

You can find this printable self-checking clip card set bellow.

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