How to Use Bingo Cards in Different Ways

I have been playing Bingo with my students for ages. I wrote about ways we use Bingo cards in my older posts Bingo with Shapes and Bingo Numbers  to 100.
 We love to play Bingo at home as well. Since I have four and six year old kiddos, we have been playing bingo entirely in a traditional way so far. I didn't even think about what and how could we use this game in other ways.
  I thought that it is far more than enough for my preschoolers to describe shapes and master the three languages they are speaking.

We simply hand out one Bingo card to everyone.

The caller pulls out one image, describes it and shows it to the others.
Shapes Hands on Activity
The participants place something (pebbles, coins, beans) on the called image if it is on their cards.
2D Shapes Bingo

Homeschooling Shapes
 The aim of this game is to be the first  player who marks all the images on your card to get BINGO.
Shapes Kindergarten Elementary School Activities

Shape Matching Games

 Such a great thing happened today. My kiddos made up two new ways to play with bingo cards. It happened so naturally, while they were waiting for us to start the game.

First, they started sorting the cards by shapes and by colors.
How to use Bingo Cards in Different Ways
Why didn't think of that?
2D Shapes Patterning Activity
 Then they used the bingo card as a pattern card.
How to use Bingo Cards in Different Ways
 When learning becomes a game, everyone has so much fun.
Shape Bingo
 It made my day!
Math Center

 You can find this printable bingo set bellow.