Numbers 1-10 Freebies

I am practicing some basic questions at the beginning of every lesson with my ЕSL students:

What's your name?

How old are you?

How are you?

and of course greetings.

This is a great activity, and only requires a ball. We toss the ball to each other while asking and answering basic questions.

I made this worksheet today, as a supplement to this activity. If you like it and/or need it, click on the picture and download it for free.

Birthday Card How old are you?

Since we are learning to write numbers to 10, this was a great worksheet to reinforce the numbers and two very important questions.

I will also share with you my number poster. My students have it in their notebooks.

And my number cut and paste worksheet, for practicing the numbers.

I am preparing cupcakes for a classroom birthday chart. I don't know exactly how would it look like. If you have some good ideas, or pictures of your chart, I would be glad to hear it, see it and try it.