Clip Cards - Precious Teaching Resourse

 I am working as a primary English teacher. In the position that I was in this school year, without books, without resources for work, I was searching for some low cost ideas, that will work in my classroom.

I made a tons of worksheets for my students. We made Fast Finishers Corner with these worksheets. It worked well, children loved it. I had worksheet after worksheet to check and I was so happy that my children are working with so much effort.

 I've been using a couple of old boxes for worksheet storage. They fit perfectly on our shelves and were the perfect size for holding our papers. However, they were far from pretty.

It looks like this, not so pretty now.

Meanwhile I didn't stop searching for better ideas...and I was thrilled beyond words when I found clip cards and task cards.
Clip cards save paper. Instead of copying piles of worksheets, you need only copy , cut, and laminate the clip cards once and you can use them for years.

I made my cards self-checking, which makes them PERFECT for independent work!

 I can't emphasize how much the kids love using clip cards and how engaged they are in their learning when they are using them.

 You can find some of the clip cards on my board at my Tpt store and I'm creating new ones.
The best way to make sure you don't miss any of them is to follow me.

If you have ANY comments or suggestion about how you use or store your clip cards, flashcards, task cards, worksheets in your room, I would love to hear about it!  Just post a comment or send me an email.