Emergent Readers I Like I Don't Like Fluency Strips Freebie

Just a quick post to share my newest Emergent Readers Fluency Strips Freebie with you. This FREE Fluency Strips Set helps kiddos revise I like/I don't like/do you like? expressions. I Like I Don't Like Fluency Strips packet includes the following: 1. 48 Fluency Strips              Set 1 - I like fruit (pages 4-5)             Set 2 - I don’t like fruit (pages 6-7)             Set 3 - Do you like? (pages 8-9) These Fluency Strip Sets provide learners with repetitive text to help them learn I like, I don’t like, Do you like? expressions and fruit words. The Fluency Strips are very simple to put together. - Print pages 4-9 (print each set on a different colored cardstock). - After printing, you can laminate them if you like, cut out the pages, hole punch them and placed them on a ring. 2. Fluency Assessment - There are class and individual fluency assessment sheets so you can easily monitor students progress (pages 10-15). KEY
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