Left Right Activities

I am so excited to share my 200th resource, Left Right Activities, with you! Knowing our left from right is a concept which is able to be taught and understood during the preschool years and yet it is something which people can struggle with into adulthood. This packet includes the following printables: - Color posters (pages 4-5) - you can post these posters in your classroom to help your students remember which direction is left and which is right, - Black and white posters (pages 6-7), - Five different sets of printable left and right worksheets that will be fun for kids and help them practice their ability to recognize left from right. Students follow the directions to identify which object is on the right or left. (pages 8-12) - Left/Right board game - First, print your Left/Right game board. I recommend printing on card stock or laminating to make it sturdy. For the game you'll need a die and a game piece for your students. To play,
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