Color Grid Reference Game + A Freebie

I played a fun game with my kiddos on a chessboard the other day. They absolutely loved it. This is a great activity because it has more than one focus. While practicing their colors, kiddos learn grid reference and build their fine motor skills during play. Here is what you need: a chessboard pom poms (lots of them) recording sheets (optional)  The objective of the game is simple. Set up the chessboard with pom poms. Call the coordinate points, the children have to read the grid coordinates and identify colors in the correct positions.  Here is the recording sheet I wiped up for this. I created a simple recording sheet without coordinates. You can grab a copy by clicking the picture. The objective of the game is to read the grid coordinates name the color and simply color the recording sheets. Setting up this game is a little bit time-consuming. So I created a resource based on this game. Now I can use this game with my students for independent w
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