Telling Time by the Hour, Half-Hour, Quarter Hour CCSS 1.MD.B.3 and a FREEBIE

Telling time can be difficult, I have a few ten-year-old students still struggling with telling time. Today I'm sharing with you my newest resources FREE What Time is it Play-dough Mats and Telling Time Memory Game.  I created these games to give my students plenty of practice.
These resources also help to meet common core standards:
CCSS.Math.Content.1.MD.B.3 - Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

 Telling Time Memory Game

It takes a little time to prep a memory game, but you can re-use it for years to come.
- You have to print and cut the cards.
- If you would like to make your cards more durable you may want to laminate them or print them on heavier weight paper.

 The best part about this packet is that it can be easily differentiated. This packet covers time to the hour, time to the half hour, quarter past the hour, quarter to the hour.

- Time to the Hour (pink set)

- Time to the Half Hour (orange set)

- Quarter past the Hour (blue set)

- Quarter to the Hour (green set)

Memory game is super effective, simple and fun. I use it a lot, because students already know how to play.  Although the game is made for two players to play against each other, it can also be played by a single player. The objective is to collect the most matching pairs.

There are several ways the game can be adapted.

- You can match the analog and the digital clock cards.

- Match the analog clock cards and the corresponding word cards.

- Match the digital clocks and the corresponding word cards.

 - Match the small cards

You can find this memory game HERE.

FREE What Time is it Play-Dough Mats

When it comes to learning about telling time there is nothing like learning it in a hands on way. My kids love playing with play dough, and I love simple activities like this one, because it only takes a few minutes for me to prep.
I created four telling time play dough mats. You can find the FREE printable at the end of this post. Each mat is created for different time to practice.
You simply need to:
- print
- cut around the edge
- laminate or you can simply put the printed sheets into a page protector
- if you haven't got play dough at home, you can find great play dough  recipes on Pinterest.

Here are a few of the pages from the FREE What Time is it Play Dough Mat packet in action:

As you can see, my kiddos LOVE whiteboard markers, too.

Here it is, what would you get and how can you use your FREE What Time is it Play Dough Mats.

I heartily recommend these play dough mat clocks to combine fine motor and math skills.

Download your FREE play dough mats by clicking on the picture below.

If you want to save on ink, and/or need just a simple clock play dough mat, you can download a b&w mat HERE.

If you are just starting to teach time, we highly recommend this affordable Telling Time by the Hour Cut and Paste Activity!

I’ve started creating Telling Time products to share with you — now you will be able to find them all in one place! Pin this page or follow my blog and check back often to find out what I’ve added.

Need more telling time activities? Check out my Telling Time Board on Pinterest:

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