2d Shapes Activities, Worksheets, Posters, Games and more

Since shapes are all around us every day, we need to be able to identify them. This document provides some ideas and activities on teaching shapes to preschool and kindergarten kids as well as first graders.


14 2D shapes: triangle, rectangle, square, circle, star, heart, crescent, oval, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, rhombus, trapezoid.

This packet includes the following packets in one BIG bundle:

1. 2D Shapes Activities, Games and Centers -

Engaging worksheets with shapes, games like sudoku and bingo, complete the pattern, odd one out, finding counting and matching by size, color and position.
62 pages colorful + 49 B&W worksheets, 45 pages answer key


• Flashcards
• Color by Shape
• Match the shape and the color
• Left - Right
• Up - Down
• Complete the Pattern
• Sudoku
• How Many?
• Find the Shapes
• Find the Colors
• Odd One Out
• Count the Shapes
• Count Then Match
• Choose the Number
• Big Medium Small
• Numbers 1 - 10
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Color the Shapes
• Bingo
• Bingo Call Sheets

These worksheets focus on four basic geometric shapes, triangle, rectangle, square and circle, but the children will also develop, learn and practice:
• colors,
• numbers up to ten,
• subtraction,
• addition,
• adjectives: big, medium, small,
• directions: left, right, up, down
• pattern-recognition skills (recognize symbol and shape patterns)
• understanding that objects can be sorted and grouped by their attributes

Just like physical exercise, our mind need some exercise too. For this there are two very popular games that exercises your brain extensively.
• With Sudoku you will level up your students brain power, stimulate their mind improve children’s memory.
• Due to its easy-to-follow nature, bingo is a great way to reinforce the shape words. Furthermore Bingo is very useful game because involves the use of good rapid hand-to-eye coordination. Most importantly, have fun when you play with your students, knowing that you are making an active improvement in their mental and physical health as a result.

2. 2D Shapes Worksheets, Posters -

Shapes worksheets (read, write, trace, color, count) focus on fourteen geometric shapes: triangle, rectangle, square, circle, star, heart, crescent, oval, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, rhombus, trapezoid.
This document includes:
- 14 funny shape posters,
- read, write, trace and color pages for every single shape,

- shape ID cards [worksheet] - pupils learn about number of sides and corners, and practice identifying and tracing the shapes

Shape ID Cards

- Count the sides and corners [worksheet]

Count the sides and corners

- Match the shape and the color [worksheet]- students have to recognize the shape and the color

Match the Shape and the Color

3. 2D Shapes Flip Book - 


To read more about it, click here.

4. 2D Shape Posters - 

This document includes 14 funny 2D shape posters.

5. 2D Shape Task Cards

Task cards are super effective, simple and fun resources for any centers, stations, partner work, individual work, classroom games.
You can differentiate easily by customizing with target pages.

20 task cards (color and black&white)
- Answer key
- Recording sheets

To read more about it, click here.

6. Multiplication Code Breaker Task Cards with Shapes

14 task cards (color and grayscale) for your students to “break the code” using their
knowledge of multiplication.
- Answer key
- 4 different recording sheets are included.

7. Shape Sudoku -

15 different beginner shape sudoku puzzles. 12 Color and 15 B&W versions available.
All of them in 4x4 grid. I designed these puzzles as a cut and paste activity, but it can be laminated and used as a hand-on activity.
Great for learning how to solve Sudoku puzzles. Three difficulty levels, for young learners. Differentiated with the number of missing shapes.
Easy - 4 missing shapes.
Medium - 8 missing shapes.
Hard - 10 missing shapes.

8. Shape Bingo

Shape Bingo, contains: circle, triangle, square and rectangle, big and small shapes in four colors blue, red, yellow and green.

There are 30 different bingo game cards in two sizes 2/page and 6/page.



Each of these bingo cards is different and has random selection of pictures.
There are four different word lists (you can simply call out the words from the list).
There are also 32 call out shape flash cards which you have to print and cut out.

Mini Shape Flash Cards

A caller reads a word from a word list or pulls out the picture from a hat or container, shows the card to everyone, and describes it.

Call Sheets

There are four blank bingo cards and a blank writing sheet included, with some extra teaching tips.

 To read more about it, click HERE.

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