How to Play I Have/Who Has Classroom Game

This is an easy-to-play game, a great way to practice essential language concepts with the whole class. As students match up the answers on their cards with questions on other students' cards, they get valuable practice with vocabulary and listening skills.

Hand out a card to each student. Some students may need to have 2 or more depending upon how many children are in your classroom.
It is important to use all the cards in a set.

Choose a student to go first, and have her read her : “I have __” sentence aloud. This student will then read the question at the bottom of their card – 'Who has ___?'  Then the student with the card that answers the question responds. Every card in the set is connected to a card before it and a card after it. To keep the game moving at a quick pace, all students need to pay attention to every question that's asked.

Play continues in this fashion until all of the cards have been played. The game will end with the same student who started.

My students love to play this game, so I created few of them covering different topics.

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