Multiplication 4 in a Row Board Game

Knowing multiplication facts is essential. Multiplication facts along with addition and subtraction are a stepping stone in Mathematics. 

If your students are struggling to learn multiplication facts, try to build their interest in learning multiplication. 

Here is the way to have fun and build math skills at the same time. 

Multiplication 4 in a Row board game will help your kids practice their multiplication facts in an interactive and fun way.

This is a no-prep, print-and-play game.

Please download the Free Sample to try this game and get a better idea of what is included in this resource. 


This sample pack is a part of my Multiplication 4 in a Row Board Game.

First, print your Multiplication game board. I recommend laminating to make it sturdy or you can simply put the printed sheets into a page protector.

You will need:
- 2 dice
- two different colored sets of counters or
- two different colored crayons  



1. Roll two dice
2. Add the numbers.
3. Multiply the total by THE GIVEN NUMBER.
4. Cover each product with your counter or marker.  
5. The first player to cover 4 numbers in a row is the winner.
6. The line can go across, down or diagonally.
7. The winner writes his/her name on the side where the
    gold cup is.  



Multiplication 4in a Row resource contains all multiplication facts from 2's to 12's.

This packet includes the following:

 - 6 PDF documents

 - 72 board games (36 color + 36 b&w)

- 12 COLOR board games for two boys


- 12 COLOR board games for two girls


- 12 COLOR board games for girls vs. boys 


- 36 B&W board games

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