Telling Time Task Cards

I finished up Telling Time Task Cards and Bang Classroom Game 2in1 that goes with my other telling time sets.
All my telling time products are color coded in the same way.

pink set - time to the hour
blue set - quarter past the hour
orange set - time to the half hour
green set - quarter to the hour
yellow set - time to the nearest 5 minutes

 This kit includes:
-144 task cards
Task cards are super effective, simple and fun resources for any centers, stations, partner work, individual work, classroom games.
Scoot is a great game to play with task cards. Simply place a task card on each desk in your classroom. Students move around the classroom answering questions. Children will answer the questions on
their answer sheets. Say “SCOOT!” when you want them to move to the next number. You can go
as fast as you like. Then you can check the answers with the class.

- 6 different recording sheets

- Bang cards

My kiddos love playing Bang, so I added a set of Bang cards because my students always get excited for a new packet. I can't wait to play this game with them next week. 
This product is for sale at my TpT store.

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