Bingo Numbers to 100

Primarily I made this printable for my ESL students, but I also use it with my kiddos at home. Both, my pupils and my four and five year old at home love BINGO.
We play Bingo, whenever we have time, with a wide range of topics. It is an easy to play game and it doesn't demand a lot. My students draw a 3x3 or 3x2 grid in their notebooks, write the vocabulary we need to reinforce, and the game can start. It was great as far as we played with 10 to 15 words. The problem appeared with numbers 1 to 100, when we needed a bigger grid and more words.

Eventually, I solved my problem by making this printable. It made my day!

Bingo 1 to 100 Classroom Game

Bingo 1 to 100 Classroom Game

 I prefer the Call Card more than the Number Cards. Simply because, there is just one Call Card. By contrast,  there are 100 Number Cards.

I use a sheet protector to make my Call Card durable. I write with dry-eraser on it, so I can use it more than once.

Bingo 1 to 100 Classroom Game

There are 36 unique game cards, enough for my class. They can be printed in color, on card stock or laminated for future use. Honestly, I prefer to print them out in black and white. My students stick them in their notebooks, they cross the numbers out with their pencils. I don't like to use buttons because my classes are too large.

Each card is individually numbered to help me keep track of my cards.

Bingo 1 to 100 Classroom Game

You can find this printable bingo set bellow.

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