Shadow Matching

I thought I would write about a fun card game I have been playing with my family.

This matching shadow game with school supplies is not only a fun afternoon activity, it will also get kids excited about the upcoming school year.
With these educational worksheets, children guess what an item is by looking at its shadow.
These printables are for the youngest kids - helping them make their first steps in reasoning, comparison, finding common points and exceptions.


When we played with these cards for the first time, we had a great fun simply matching the pictures of different school supplies with their shadow cards.

School Supplies Shadow Matching Memory Cards

This was interesting just for the next few days, so we boosted it in many different ways.
Here are some other ideas how we play with this set of cards:
Our favorite game is boosted with a LEGO DUPLO PYRAMID. I found the idea here.
Shortly the steps, we build a pyramid (every time a new one) with Lego Duplo. Everyone choose a character (doll). The aim is to get to the top of the pyramid first.

Then we play with the cards a few various but quick tournaments.
For example: The cards are separated in two piles, school supplies and shadow cards. Both piles are face-down. We start a game by turning the top shadow card over and place it on the pile. Everyone choose a card from the other pile. The winner is who find a matching picture. So, if you win one tournament you move your doll ahead.

School Supplies Shadow Matching Memory Cards

We also love to play MEMORY GAMES.
Playing a memory game is a grate choice for the whole family to play together. You will boost your and your child's memory in a funny and enjoyable way. You will also contribute to keep focus, improve concentration, prevent memory-relate illnesses, increase short-term memory, train the visual memory and so forth.
Playing memory games with shadow matching are more of a challenge than the typical matching activities.

Lay all the cards face down in a grid.

School Supplies Shadow Matching Memory Cards

The first player flips two cards over at random.

School Supplies Shadow Matching Memory Cards

The player gets to keep the cards and go again if they are a match.

School Supplies Shadow Matching Memory Cards

Otherwise he must turn them back over and it is the next players turn.
The player with the most pairs at the end of the game is the winner.
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