Bingo Shapes

Just like physical exercise, our mind needs some exercise too. Bingo is a very popular game that exercise your brain extensively. Furthermore Bingo is very useful game because involves the use of good rapid hand-to-eye coordination. Due to its easy-to-folow nature, Bingo is a great way to reinforce anything you want with your kiddos. It also helps to maintain focus and concentration. Bingo is a good way of bringing students together to have fun and socialize. Most importantly, have fun when you play with your students, knowing that you are making an active improvement in their mental and physical health as a result.

I made a set of bingo cards for practicing the shapes. I use this popular game a lot in my classroom, because with Bingo my students learn in a fun-filled manner without even knowing that  they are learning something.

In this post you will find a few different ways, how I use Bingo in my classroom.
Firstly, I teach the four main shapes: square, circle, rectangle and triangle. When we learn shapes, we also practice colors and the BIG and SMALL expressions. For that reason I put all the shapes in yellow, red, blue and green color, and all of them in big and small size.

Shapes Bingo Word List

When I start playing with my students, I prefer  to use one of the word lists I made (a list of words that you can use to call out the words). A caller reads a word from a word list, when someone finds a matching picture on his bingo card, he marks it out with rocks, pennies, stickers, buttons, etc.

Shapes Bingo Cards

My students like better the 32 call sheets with pictures which I printed and cut out. It gives us more variations. It is much more interesting for them because they can pull out the picture from a hat or container.

K&M Classroom Bingo Game

Shapes Bingo Game Call Sheet

There are 30 different bingo game cards. Each of these bingo cards is different and has random selection of pictures. Each student gets a bingo card. Once someone is able to fill out the bingo card, that person yells out BINGO and wins the game.

Shapes Bingo Game Sheet

I laminated these bigger Bingo Cards, and we are using them for years.
I also use the smaller cards.

Shapes Bingo Small Game Sheet

Students stick them in their notebooks and use the same card during the year.

Here are some TEACHING TIPS how I use the bingo cards in different ways.

   I love to use these small cards as a writing practice.
   The pupils can simply describe the shapes: a big red triangle, a small blue rectangle.
They can write sentences with:
  - HAVE GOT (shapes): I have got three triangles, four squares,
     one rectangle and one circle.
  - HAVE GOT (colors): I have got two yellow shapes, three
     blue shapes, one green shape, three red shapes.

2. FIND YOUR PAIR - With two sets of bingo cards we love to play
   a game in which the children have to find their pair with the same card.
 Pupils make questions:
  - Have you got a big blue triangle?
  - Have you got two circles?
  - Have you got four blue shapes?

3. DICTATION -  One student has a card, the other one has a
   blank bingo card. The first student dictates the colors and shapes,
   while his pair is drawing them.

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If you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment.