Sunday, September 25, 2016

Halloween Lower and Upper Case Matching Cards

I like to come up with hands on activities to practice the alphabet.
Halloween upper and lower case letter cards engage children in a fun and entertaining way.
These Halloween printables are guaranteed  fun and learning in one. The kiddos won't even know that they are doing work and learning.

Halloween Upper and Lower Case letter match

This set of alphabet cards is very low-prep. Just follow the instructions from the picture below.

Halloween Upper and Lower Case letter match

 I created these cards to be used in many different games. The possibilities are endless.

You can use them simply by matching the upper and lower case letter cards, but you can create your own games, too.

 If you have some good ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section.

If you are looking for ideas to practice alphabet recognition, here are the activities I usually play with these cards. You can:

-  sequencing the letters of the alphabet.
- singing the ABC song
- what letter comes next
- what letter comes before
- what letter is missing
- playing a memory game
- playing bingo

Get your Halloween Alphabet Matching Cards and worksheets here.

Halloween Upper and Lower Case letter match

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